Sector: HAIR AND BEAUTY Client: Headmasters


Design, branding and the Hairpaper

As an agency we look after all of Headmasters’ design needs, from every printed element found at its salons to videos shown on its salon screens and The Hairpaper.
Our role as ambassadors for the brand is to ensure that all design elements are representative of Headmasters in style, look and feel, and to maintain the prestigious standards of the salon brand.
The Hairpaper is produced bi-annually and given to customers in salon. It is a beautiful,  oversized, broadsheet page on matt stock featuring articles on hair trends, salon services, products and stylists’ tips. The idea was to produce something that wasn’t a magazine, had a stand-out luxury appeal and to increase salon revenue. It has not only done that but it has found its niche with the fashion-focused Headmaster customer who loves being ahead of the crowd.